Meet Our Family

Private Chefs, Enan and Jenn Parezo of 26 Divine, bring style and charm to their client’s homes with their incredibly delicious and beautiful foods for many occasions. Since starting their business in 2010, this duo continues to create lasting memorable moments for their clients’ special events.

Chef Enan of ‘Enan’s Kitchen at 26 Divine’ masterfully creates unforgettable, in-home private dinner parties for small groups, as well as offering locals his personal chef service geared towards busy working families.

Chef Jenn of ‘Tea Time with Jenn’ is the pastry queen of 26 Divine and focuses on hosting memorable, fabulous private in-home afternoon tea parties, as well as creating specialty desserts and cakes for Enan’s private dinners.

This couple works together to create divine culinary experiences. Jenn's artistic creativity and attention to detail compliments Enan’s passion for colorful ingredients and flavors along with his innovative ideas. They have the ability to craft modern, unique fare as well as traditional comfort foods. Whether you’re hosting a holiday dinner or a bridal tea party, creations & service from this Twenty Six Divine team are sure to please even the most selective palettes.

(Pictured) The Parezo family: Jenn & Enan with their children

Chef Enan Parezo received his culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University after earning a degree in hospitality management from The University of South Carolina. This Baltimore, Maryland native has lived in South Carolina since 1998. He has worked as the Chef de Cuisine at The Charleston Place Hotel as well as several upscale restaurants throughout his career. Enan ventured out on his own to cater as a personal chef for local Charleston families before opening Twenty Six Divine, which he continues to do to this day. He enjoys playing with his two young children, spending quality time with his wife Jenn, and creating flavorful modern dishes for in-home private dinners and his personal chef service for his loyal, local clientele.

Pastry Chef Jenn Parezo is a 2003 graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona. Upon graduation, she made her way to South Carolina and fell in love with the charm of the Lowcountry. She met her future husband, Enan, four days after moving to Charleston in 2002 while working at Seabrook Island. She worked for The Charleston Place Hotel & The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island while simultaneously helping Enan start his personal chef business. She opened their brick-and-morter boutique lunch cafe and tea room in 2010 with Enan, one week after they were married. After eleven years, they decided to pursue their private chef careers and close their restaurant in 2021. She works with Enan to create memorable desserts and tea fare for private in-home parties as well as handling all of the administrative duties involved in running a small business. She is grateful for the quality time she is able to spend with her husband Enan and two young children.

A note from Jenn & Enan: "As private chefs, we work hard to maintain the quality and consistency of our products and services. We are involved in every aspect of our business. When we come to your home for a private event, we want to help make your home a relaxing sanctuary for your guests with good Charleston vibes, wonderful food, and a great overall divine experience.

We love our family life and sometimes take necessary breaks from our business to fully experience these monumental and daily life moments. This is who we are, and we hope to give you an unforgettable experience."

"We also would like to give a special thanks to a select group of people who have always supported and believed in us and helped us along the way: Ken & Justine Parezo, Robert & Amy Mercado, Rod & Pam Meintel, Michael & Tippy Brickman, Jim & Esther Ferguson, David & Joan Henle, Lee Hopkins, and Lisa Abernathy. We are so appreciative of you all and can not thank you enough for your continued support. You have helped us become who we are today."

The story behind the name

Twenty-six is the number that ties us together. Jenn was born on the 26th of December, while Enan was born on the 26th of May. We were married on the 26th day of March to bring this series of significant dates full-circle, and opened Twenty Six Divine one week later.

Over our careers, we have both received high praise for our delicious food. Shortly after we met, we discovered that our customers often described our food as being “divine.”

When we decided to tie the knot and start our own business, it was as if the name had already been decided for us. And thus, the story of Twenty Six Divine began.